Arfan Bhatti

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This site’s aim is to showcase Arfan’s CV and current projects.

Some Notable cases

The Queen (on the application of LC)  -v- LB. Ealing 2014  

This was a Judicial Review of discharge of interim duty and focused on refusal of interim accommodation due to care needs. Following a hearing, it was found that carer responsibilities have to be considered when providing accommodation under Part 7.

The Queen (on the application of JH)  -v- LB. Hillingdon March 2015 and The Queen (on the application of LS)  -v- LB. Hillingdon September 2015 

This focused on single males with mental health problems and the priority need test. Arfan was successful in Out of Hours Judicial Reviews in relation to accommodation pending review. Both cases eventually ended with positive decisions as to priority need for both clients.

The Queen (on the application of Hindis Abdulrahman) -v- LB Hillingdon 2016. 

Arfan was on the team for the leading case into what constitutes change of circumstances for Homelessness Applications.

The Queen (on the application of KD)  -v- LB. Ealing 2017  

Arfan was lead on a complex Judicial Review case that involved a rejection for an application for the Housing Register under part 6 of the Housing Act for a EU citizen and permanent right to reside. Following over 2 years of pre-litigation and multiple decisions being made the Authority. The matter was resolved on consent prior to a hearing in favour of the client.

DR -v- Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 2017

Arfan stepped into a late s204 appeal put in by the client with no grounds. After amended grounds and an application for permission for late appeal the matter was agreed by consent before the first hearing.